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Common Trouble And Solution Of Screen Printing Machine
Jul 20, 2017

One: Semi-automatic when not pedal switch and immediately action

This type of failure is mostly caused by pedal switch damage or pedal switch socket inlet caused by short-circuit, the other is the manual start button switch has problems. The repair method is to replace the new switch, the socket, the button switch or disassemble the repair related damage.

Second, the semi-automatic work pedal switch sliding seat drop, open and then rise.

This phenomenon is generally the horizontal slider on the left side of the switch damaged or broken connection, the solution is to replace the proximity switch or switch connection.

Third, semi-automatic work when the foot pedal switch vertical slide, printing seat left after the move.

The reason for this failure is that the proximity switch on the left side of the transverse slide seat is not sensed or problematic.

The solution is to adjust the left side close to the switch sensor point or replace the close switch, and the pedal switch inside the micro-switch card does not move, also can cause this fault. The solution is to adjust, repair, or replace the new fretting switch in the pedal switch.