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What Is The Screen Printer Used For
Jul 20, 2017

1. Packaging Printing: The main service object of the packaging industry is screen printing, the continuous development and application of silkscreen technology will better serve the packaging and decoration industry, and contribute to the prosperity of the packaging and decorating industry, and also bring a wider market for the screen printing industry.

2, Advertising printing: In commercial advertising screen printing will have more markets, especially electrical companies, tobacco and alcohol companies in order to publicize their image are very important to the role of advertising. The time and quality of the advertisement determines the company's share in the market. So a variety of electrical advertising, outdoor advertising, commercial advertising to screen printing provides a broad space.

3, Circuit Printing: In the Electronic industry area screen printing rate of 80%. such as: the production of a television, many places to use to screen printing, display (PALC) and other large-scale flat-panel display devices are increasingly inseparable from the development of screen printing.

4, Handicraft Printing: With the development of western China and rural urbanization process, tile production line increased momentum. In addition, China is a large ceramic country, in addition to meet the domestic demand, but also exported to more than 150 countries and regions, so the screen printing ceramic flower paper in China's screen printing industry has a pivotal position.