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Application Of Automatic Screen Printing Machine
Jul 20, 2017

Printer materials: PVC, PET, pp, PC, PE, BOPP and other types of film, all kinds of electrical Ming Board, membrane switch, all kinds of panels, soft circuit boards, IMD, IML, FPC, thermal transfer film, film injection mark, rubber vulcanization standard, non-woven fabric, color car labeling, water labeling, ceramic decals, hot paper, cloth, leather, electrostatic film, Teflon, coated paper and other types of self-adhesive, all kinds of labels. The substrate material is thinnest to 0.02mm or so, is the other low-end equipment can not achieve, create a printing miracle. Screen printing Advantages: thick ink layer, print texture rich, three-dimensional strong, light resistance, printing area is large, this is not comparable to other printing methods, screen printing can not only monochrome printing, but also to color and (landscape, character) colour dot gradient printing.