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Semi-automatic screen printing machine safe operation procedures:
Jan 03, 2019

First, work before starting

Prepare the production of paper (main material), washing net water (accessory), check the whole machine before starting each time, check and clean foreign objects in the machine, check the safety device, oil level oil level, clean the photoelectric detection device, regularly add Note the specified type of lubricant, clean the filter;


Second, the production process operating procedures

1. When operating with machine equipment, it must be operated in accordance with the instructions for use, and be familiar with the performance of the equipment, as well as the production process requirements and equipment operating procedures. The equipment is managed and maintained, and it is not allowed to tamper with other equipment;


2. During the operation of the equipment, it is forbidden to touch the rotating guide roller by hand. It is forbidden to wear gloves to wipe the ink at both ends of the rubber roller;


3. If the scraper or picking knife line is adjusted after the equipment is turned on, it must be processed by the lead. During the operation of the equipment, if there is foreign matter on the rubber roller, it must be stopped.


4. When the winding and unwinding cannot be carried out normally, it must be shut down for repair. It is strictly forbidden to film with a hand or use a paper cutter to remove the ink left on the ground at any time to avoid the operator slipping.


Third, the production safety inspection procedures

1. Reset the button of the device and put down the pressure roller to press the switch to lock the rubber roller; clean the ground and equipment, and return all the raw materials, ink and solvent to the warehouse, and do not allow the machine to stay.


2. Regularly maintain and lubricate the equipment. When the machine is not used for a long time, the machine should be cleaned and maintained, and dustproofed.

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