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Printing characteristics of glass screen printing machine
Jan 04, 2019

The characteristics of glass screen printing are summarized as follows:

1 Screen printing can use a variety of types of ink. Namely: various types of inks such as oily, water-based, synthetic resin emulsion type, and powder.

2 layout is soft. The screen printing plate is soft and has a certain elasticity, which is not only suitable for printing on soft articles such as paper and cloth, but also suitable for printing on hard articles such as glass, ceramics and the like.

3 screen printing embossing force is small. Since the pressure used in printing is small, it is also suitable for printing on a fragile shopping body.

4 The ink layer is thick and has strong coverage.

5 is not limited by the shape of the surface of the substrate and the size of the area. As can be seen from the foregoing, screen printing can be printed not only on a flat surface but also on a curved surface or a spherical surface; it is suitable not only for printing on small objects but also for printing on large objects. This printing method has great flexibility and wide applicability.

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