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What should be noted when the screen printing machine performs ink coloring?
Jan 05, 2019

1. Adopt the principle of “from shallow to deep”. Regardless of the preparation of light or bright colored inks, be careful when the hue is close to the sample. Ink produced by different manufacturers, it is best not to mix and call, try to use the same manufacturer of different colors of ink to color, otherwise it will produce uneven color tone, in severe cases will appear condensation and ink scrap.

2. When adding ink, try to add some inks of different colors as much as possible. Generally speaking, the less the type of color ink is used, the better the mixing effect will be.

3.some screen printing inks are dried by drying, lighter drying is lighter than undried, darker after drying. In addition, whether the color tone of the ink differs before and after drying during printing is a problem that is easily overlooked. Generally speaking, through natural drying (solvent evaporation ink), the substrate is plastic, metal, paper, glass, etc., the color does not change; but if it is a ceramic color, it is colored after burning and oxidation. It can only be toned by experience. For screen printing inks that are dried by thermosetting and photocuring, the color varies in depth, as mentioned above. When the amount of ink is large, you can use the ink adjuster to complete the coloring in a short time.

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