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What industries can screen printing machines help?
Jan 02, 2019

Nowadays, in the silk screen industry, more and more people are moving from simple manual printing to fully automatic screen printing. The manual screen printing station has made the printing industry embark on the industrial road, and fully automatic screen printing has enabled more people to produce. The area is freed and the productivity is greatly improved. So what industries can screen printing machines help?

1, packaging

Packaging and printing - there are high-end gift boxes in the packaging, moon cake boxes in the Mid-Autumn Festival, some special cartons in the company, as well as common cigarette packets. In addition, if the outer casing of large electrical products is printed with a beautiful picture and placed in a crowded shopping mall, it will also be loved by customers, which can play a certain propaganda role.

2, the circuit board

Circuit printing - There are single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards, multi-layer circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, and PCB circuit boards in terms of circuits. The circuit board is an indispensable component in various electronic devices, and the PCB circuit board is high in consumption density, and is generally used in PCB outer covering obstruction soldering layer, PCB pattern transfer process and resist plating layer, PBC appearance marking symbol.

3, photoelectric

Photoelectric printing---the common things in our daily life, such as liquid crystal glass, illuminating film, mobile phone lens, display screen, touch screen, light guide plate, mobile phone touch screen, etc., are all printed by screen printing machine.

4, glass

Glass printing--auto glass, home appliance glass, mirror, glass plate, cup, bottle, etc., why is it on the glass? That is because the glass is also reflective and non-reflective, and some places cover the light is printed The effect is only that we don't usually touch it, we don't know it. For example, the light-shielding glass on the car is realized by a screen printing machine.

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