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How to choose the mesh frame of the screen printing machine?
Jan 12, 2019

1. First, the mesh frame and the mesh bonding surface should have a certain roughness to strengthen the bonding force between the wire mesh and the mesh frame.

2. The second frame must have a certain strength. Because of the tension, the screen produces a certain amount of tension and pressure on the frame. This requires the frame to withstand pressure, can not produce deformation, and maintain the frame size accuracy.

3. Under the condition of ensuring the strength again, the mesh frame should be as light as possible, which is convenient for operation and use.

4. In the production, it is necessary to configure net frames of different specifications. When using, determine the appropriate frame according to the size of the printing size, which can be wasteful and easy to operate.

5. Maintain the robustness of the frame. The frame is often in contact with water and solvent during use, and is affected by temperature changes. This requires that the frame does not be skewed to ensure repeated use of the frame. This reduces waste and reduces costs.

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