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Advantages of screen printing machine:
Jan 11, 2019

1. The screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, simple in plate making and low in cost, strong in adaptability, accurate in overprinting, high in automation, cost saving, and efficiency improvement;

2, screen printing machine is widely used. Can be applied to printing package materials and products such as: PVC / PET / PC film, stickers trademark stickers, nameplate, IMD, buttons, flexible circuits, transfer paper, electronic membrane switches, posters;

3. The printing screen of the screen printing machine is soft and has certain elasticity. It is not only suitable for printing on soft materials such as paper and cloth, but also suitable for printing on hard articles. It has a balanced pressure, thick ink layer, and can use various sizes of printing frame. Large format printing size can be printed at the same time. Multiple patterns;

4. It is not limited by the surface shape of the substrate and the size of the substrate. Screen printing can be printed not only on the plane, but also on the curved surface or the spherical surface. It is not only suitable for printing on small objects, but also suitable for larger ones. Printing on objects, this printing method has great flexibility and wide applicability;

5, screen printing machine investment budget is relatively low, like a large outdoor advertising imported computer inkjet machine will be more than 2 million yuan, and screen printing machine does not have to be so much.

 The advantages of the above screen printing machine are shared here. Although the advantages of the screen printing machine are many, it is necessary to maintain the daily maintenance and the operation according to the standard of operation, so as to extend the screen printing machine. Life and print the perfect product.

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