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How to extend the life of screen printers
Jan 10, 2019

Equipment maintenance is an important aspect that directly affects the useful life of screen printers. If you want to extend the service life of the screen printing machine, you should insist on regular maintenance of the equipment during maintenance of the equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment and prolong its service life.

Its main contents generally include the following aspects:

1. On-duty operators should keep the screen printing machine neat and clean. The ink and debris on the equipment should be cleaned when the shift is over, and neither eclipse or flammable materials can be placed on the surface of the machine.

2, to ensure the drying of the gas source, be careful not to let the water deposited by the screen printing machine run into the pneumatic parts. Regularly add lubricant to the moving parts of the machine.

3. When the operator of the equipment on duty starts to operate the machine, first check whether the air source and power supply of the screen printing machine are normal, and then start the machine again. After the machine starts, let the machine idle for 3 to 5 minutes, and listen carefully to whether the machine has Abnormal noise. If an abnormality is found, check it first. If there is a problem, repair the problem where it is necessary before you can work. The last thing to note is that the machine must be fastened with screws that must be locked before operation.

   As long as the screen printing machine is used in daily use and the above aspects are well done, the service life of the screen printing machine can be extended to a certain extent, and the working time of the screen printing machine can be longer.

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