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How to choose silk screen materials?
Jan 14, 2019

1, Silk screen mesh frame

The screen printing machine stencil frame is generally made of aluminum or wood, and the screen is fixed on the frame. The inner dimensions of the frame depend on the size of the printed pattern, and the two ends along the left and right sides of the squeegee are generally larger than the pattern size. Retention 60-100mm, so that the ink is placed, leaving 20-30mm of empty space on both sides of the required length of the squeegee, so that the screen can have sufficient elasticity when running on the stencil. The distance between the screen and the print is too strong, so that the screen can not be bounced in time after the printing, and the pattern is easy to appear when the print is completely printed. Raising phenomenon.

2, screen printing ink

The ink used for silk screen printing generally has a shelf life of about one year. After the ink is poured onto the screen plate, the lid of the ink should be covered to prevent foreign matter from entering the ink, causing the screen plate to rupture. Keep the unused ink seals in a cool place.

3, squeegee

The squeegee has two kinds of flat scraping (square angle) and sharp scraping. When the printed part is flat or the printing surface is relatively flat and hard, it is better to use the square corner squeegee, because the square corner squeegee is more powerful in operation. The pattern of the pattern is better, but when the printing operation has some concave and convex defects, the printed pattern is ideal, and the tip edge of the squeegee is soft because of the softness. In the printing operation, the tip is inked on the screen. Sweeping, when the surface of the printed matter has shortcomings, the pattern can be printed well, and if the pattern to be printed is darker in color or thicker in ink, the length and shape of the squeegee must conform to the printing. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust whether the pressure of the squeegee on the stencil is suitable.

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