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Working Principle Of Screen Printing Machine
Jul 20, 2017

① flat screen printing machine working cycle program to flat screen version of the platform-type monochrome semi-automatic Hander screen printing machine For example, it's a working cycle is: to the pieces → positioning → fall to the ink plate, rise back to the ink plate → scraping travel → to the ink plate → back to the ink plate → lift version → Back to the Mexican itinerary → to remove the location → the receipt.

In the continuous cycle of action, as long as the function can be achieved, each action takes up the time should be as short as possible to shorten each work cycle period, improve work efficiency.

② Imprint Printing Line. In the printing process, to the ink plate extrusion ink and screen printing plate, so that screen printing plate and substrate form a contact line, known as the imprint. This line at the edge of scraping board, countless strips of embossing lines constitute the printing surface. It is difficult to achieve an ideal embossing line because the printing stroke is a dynamic process.