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Main Structure Of Screen Printing Machine
Jul 20, 2017

1, printing device:

Scraping ink and ink back is mainly used to achieve a major action of silk printing. Its scraping system and ink back system, in general, are installed in the scraper slider, so that they can be reciprocating movement, to alternate ups and downs, respectively, to achieve scraping and inking action.

2, Printing plate device:

Screen printing plate in the process of screen printing, it must be fixed, fixed mainly in the printing plate device, in order to achieve the rise or fall in the book or horizontal Take-off and landing. Its printing plate device mainly includes: printing plate gripper, printing plate landing mechanism, to version adjustment mechanism, lifting network compensation mechanism.

3. Transmission device:

The transmission device mainly includes a motor, an electromagnetic clutch, a reducer, a speed regulating mechanism.

4, electrical control device:

The electric control device has working cycle control, scraper position control and air pressure control.

5. Drying Device:

The drying device is divided into two kinds, namely, the infrared heat pipe drying and the ultraviolet curing drying device.