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What Are The Advantages Of Screen Printing Machine
Jul 20, 2017

Screen printing machine is a more representative printing equipment, it is a piece of silk and other materials woven into a crisscross, Jingwei clear screen printing. Has produced a plane, surface, thermal transfer, water transfer, printed circuit and a variety of new rotary screen printing presses. Among them, drum screen printing machine speed and productivity is relatively high. The advantage of planar screen printing machine is that 1 printing material has a sense of hierarchy. 2 silk-screen items are more exquisite. 3 operation is simpler and easier to operate than offset printing.

Make silk screen material in addition to silk, also can be used nylon wire, stainless steel nets. Screen printing machine Application of the principle of silk screen originated from the ancient stencil printing. Screen printing has a copy version, hollow version of spray and screen printing and many other forms.