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Installation And Maintenance Of Screen Printing Machine
Jul 20, 2017

Operation Adjustment:

The adjustment of parallelism between the rails, the plates and the working platform in three layers: Generally, a guide or platform as the benchmark for adjustment.

① Platform and guide rails should be parallel, scraping board is along the track movement, such as the two are not parallel, scraping board will not always be a certain pressure contact platform, or even a gap, this adjustment in the machine before the factory has been adjusted.

② screen printing plate and platform should be parallel, otherwise the net distance (screen printing plate to the printing surface of the distance) inconsistent, resulting in printing pressure and screen plate deformation inconsistent, therefore, the screen frame itself should be guaranteed, generally by the user to make specific requirements.

Scraper Adjustment:

① Scraper plate on the platform of the adjustment of parallelism, adjust the left and right screw to adjust the ink board, the middle of the hinge around the top of the wire can be adjusted around the top of the wire, the essence of the inking board to adjust the high and low position.

The adjustment of ② scraper inclination is generally within the 65°~85° range, which can be chosen according to the need.

③ Printing pressure adjustment, in fact, the scraper board position adjustment.

④ Scraping Ink Board length can not be adjusted, generally according to the package supply, each set of several different lengths to choose from.