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Tips for choosing a screen printer
Dec 29, 2018

1, printing quality

The most important thing about choosing a screen printer is its print quality, which is the most basic. If the printing quality is too bad, the precision is not enough, and the instability is not good, then the printed things will definitely not be good.

2, the performance of the machine

In addition to having good print quality, it is also important that the performance of the screen printer is unstable. If it is stable and unstable, it will easily affect the printing efficiency.

3, a reasonable price

The price is one of the most important aspects of choosing a screen printer. In general, just choose a reasonable price based on actual needs. For example, the general high-tech enterprises have higher requirements on the quality of silk screen printing, but the average enterprise does not need to be so high, so as long as the silk screen can be satisfied, the expected printing effect can be achieved.

4. Supporting services

Supporting services are also indispensable in the selection process. According to their own needs, understand the status of the supporting services of the manufacturers. If you want to print your own satisfactory works, you need coordination and cooperation in all aspects. The supporting services can satisfy your own needs and are not afraid of printing. Something good.

5, after sales service

A good after-sales screen printer manufacturer can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, when selecting a screen printing machine, you can also go to the actual inspection of the manufacturer to see how its after-sales service is doing. And APM can provide you with professional and comprehensive after-sales service. Not only the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, but also the full support of the process technology, let you use worry-free.

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