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The maintenance and maintenance part of screen printing machine
Jul 20, 2017

1, air pressure components, can not make too much water and oil into the air pressure system, to avoid cylinder failure and shorten the service life of the cylinder, to ensure that compressed air drying and clean, it is best to add refrigeration dryer.

2, three-point combination, to ensure the use of pressure in the 5-7kg/cm, daily check the converter oil cup is enough, vent valve for a long time without. Should be pushed on the back end, air conditioning should be used in the oil r68# (ie, pressure conditioning group dedicated oil).

3, the other is when the cessation of work, the total power switch and compressed air source should be closed, speed control valve cylinder and all parts of the axis should avoid magnetic loss; The worktable horizontal slide seat and the precise height coordination component must use the WD-40 to wipe cleanly and oiling, in order to prevent the rust to cause the precision to

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