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Features of silk screen printing
Jul 20, 2017

1, a wide range of substrate: because of the printing plate made of silk, soft and flexible, so that the substrate whether the plane or curved surface, hard or soft, large or small can be printed. In addition, the screen printing due to pressure can also be printed in fragile deformation of the substrate.

2, thick ink layer and strong cover: screen printing ink thickness, is unmatched by other printing methods. If you use white to cover the bottom of the background, the use of ordinary printing methods must be printed on the same site 3 to 4 times, and the screen printing only once can be completed. Screen printing ink layer thickness is generally 20 microns, the special thick film printing can reach 100 microns, the thinnest also has 6 microns. Therefore, the screen printing ink layer thick and adjustable range.

3, a strong sense of the three-dimensional: because the ink layer thick, so in imitation prints and copy the effect of the painting is very lifelike, its color is much more than offset printing; however, in fine print, the copy effect is limited.

4, good light resistance: in the ink into the light pigments and fluorescent pigments, print patterns can be permanently maintained luster without the influence of temperature and sunlight, and even in the night to glow. Therefore, screen printing products suitable for outdoor advertising, signs and so on.

5, can be applicable to a wide range of inks: water-based, oil-based, solvent base, and even can be used slurry, paste, powder not, so screen printing ink collectively printed.

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