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Main types of pad printing machine
Jul 20, 2017

1. Manual Printing Machine

This kind of printing machine structure is the simplest, some people think that this kind of machine should disappear in the market, in fact, until now many high-end watches and other equipment panels are used in this kind of pad printing machine equipment supplies. Of course, this kind of machine generally does not appear in the large-scale printing enterprise, in many small workshop application but compares the printing technology. Its shortcomings are very obvious, such as low production efficiency, once the printing volume is very difficult to ensure the consistency of all the quality of the printed parts, but its easy to operate, small investment, so in the market is still very active in the printing market.

2. Open-type ink slot pad printing machine

Pad printing head can move up and down, underneath it has a pad printing steel plate, ink trough in the scraping device scraping to the steel plate, moving printing head and steel plate contact and ink equipment supplies. The design scheme is simple and widely used in the printing market of print.

3. Closed Oil Cup system

This system was considered to be a versatile transfer design in the past, with a Swiss watch company using the system for 35 years. Ink in a closed oil cup, the oil Cup can be moved parallel to the steel plate for ink printing tools. When the oil Cup is directly above the steel plate, the ink can flow to the graphic part of the plate, and when the oil Cup leaves, the oil cup scraping ring will not be part of the graphic printing ink scraping tools.

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