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Four points for attention in screen printing
Jul 20, 2017

(1) Watch the rules regularly. Because the version of the frame in the printing and back and forth movement, so that the plate and frame in the round-trip collision and vibration, the small displacement between the two occur, overprinter inaccurate phenomenon, affecting the appearance of the product quality. Therefore, to see the rules, timely detection, timely adjustment.

(2) Check proofs often. Found print imprinted ink, should be immediately wiped with clean cotton mesh version. This situation is mostly due to the printing plate on the sticky plastic film or ink crust drying plug caused by the screen. If you find that ink unevenness or become shallow, may be ink sticky through large, should immediately stop with the solvent dilution ink viscosity, while using gasoline to wipe the graphics and text section of the layout, to prevent infiltration ink or plugging the net, in order to work continuously.

(3) The stacking of semi-finished products should be neat. In the stacking process of semi-finished products, it is important to make both sides of the paper droop. Otherwise the paper because of its own gravity and form the upper arch, paper on both sides of the warping and uneven, printing caused by the difficulty of paper transmission, often appear break phenomenon. Paper stack, can be used cardboard mat flat, at the same time the height of the paper stack should often be adjusted by the adjustment knob of the paper-making mechanism, so that the paper transfer smoothly, the printing process smoothly.

(4) Drying plant blades due to long-term use and damage, some places and the operation of the host is different steps, often resulting in paper shelves on the phenomenon of print. At this time should be-, immediately from the bottom of the mess to take open, it is best not to make its ink film surface relative, so as to avoid sticky bad or waste.

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