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How to remove the printed words on the plastic bottle?
Dec 20, 2018

You can use the following methods to clear the printed words on plastic bottles:

1.Plastic cleaning agent is a kind of weak acid cleaning agent specially used for cleaning the surface of plastic objects. It is widely used in the cleaning of various types of plastic surface treatment. Try to clean the writing on the plastic bottle.

2. If you have banana water in your home, take a little erase and erase the writing and you should be able to remove it.

3. Apply hand cream on the wall of the bottle, then place it for 2 hours and then wipe it with a cotton cloth. Finally, the water can be cleaned!

4. Use a piece of cloth dipped in petrol or alcohol to wipe the place where there is a word, and the word will fall.

5. Use a 1200 mesh sandpaper to remove it.

6. With vinegar, first put the bottle in a hot water bubble, then wipe it off with vinegar.

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