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Features of Pad printing
Jul 20, 2017

(1) Suitable for surface printing, flexible silicone rubber pad printing head for two times outside the plane, three times curved surface, concave and convex surface and other shapes of complex substrate can be printed;

(2) Can print more fine graphics and text, generally can print 0. $number mm thin line;

(3) printing is stable and continuous, even if printing for a long time, its printing accuracy will not change;

(4) Eliminating the drying process, can be continuous multi-color printing;

(5) A wide range of printing, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, leather, bakelite and other materials on the surface of any kind of concave and convex accurate monochrome, two-color and color graphic printing, but also soft touch printing, but also soft items (such as fruit, pastries, eggs, etc.) and fragile vulnerable items (such as ceramics, glass products, etc.) on the printing;

(6) The process of pad printing is simple and easy to learn and operate reliably, there is no special esoteric technology.

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