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The Methods Of Printing Bottle Cap With Automatic Printing Machine
Jun 09, 2018

1.Online printing

At present, in the domestic bottle cap printing market, the most commonly used model is a stand-alone pad printer. The operator must place the products one by one, remove them after printing, and lower the printing production efficiency.

The automatic bottle cap printing machine combines the functions of automatic feeding and blanking, and is mainly used for the printing of bulk caps of large enterprises, which can greatly increase the production efficiency. The detailed process of the automatic bottle cap printing machine is as follows: After the bottle cap conveyed from the capping line of the cap reaches the pad printer, the sensor issues an instruction after detecting the existence of the cap, and automatically prints the cap, and then the cap enters. The printing station stops printing, stops drying after printing, and the dried cap is automatically fed into the conveyor belt.

2. Multi-color printing

With the increasing demand for value-added products, cap printing is increasingly used in multi-color printing.

One approach is to use multiple single-color pad printers to print on the line, one machine to print one color and complete the color overlay. Although this process takes up more manpower, it has a higher overlay accuracy than domestically-made rotary multi-color pad printers.

Another approach is to use a multi-color pad printer. This approach will undoubtedly increase production efficiency, since one machine can operate with only one person and can place many caps at one time. However, as far as the samples printed by most manufacturers are concerned, the overprint accuracy of the multi-color pad printing machine is still not very satisfactory, which is related to the manufacturing precision of the multi-color pad printing machine itself.

3. UV printing

In Europe and the United States, the UV printing process has entered a period of maturity, but it is still a blank in China. Cap UV printing process has many advantages: First, UV ink has a strong resistance, repeated use, printed graphics on the bottle cap will not be perspiration and grease on the finger corrosion. Second, UV inks do not have an adverse effect on the environment and operators.

The current use of UV printing ink printing bottle caps face two major problems, one is the ink adhesion is poor, less than solvent-based ink. In Europe, MARABU TPC UV printing inks are the first choice, but this type of ink is rare in the domestic market. The second is that the cost of UV ink is high, which will increase the cost of bottle cap decoration printing and is not conducive to its implementation.