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Europe Customers Visited Our Factory And Ordered A Set All Servo Automatic Screen Printing Machine
Aug 02, 2018

Last week two customers from Europe visit our factory.During the visited, they showed great interest in the CNC102 all servo automatic screen printing machine.



The CNC102 application all shapes of glass bottles, cups, mugs. It can print any shape of containers all around in 1 print  It's very functional

After listened to our engineers' introduction to the machine, the customer immediately ordered a set of CNC102  all servo automatic screen printing machine.We were very grateful for their support and hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation next time.


    General Description of CNC102

   1. Automatic loading system with multi axis servo robot.

   2. Servo driven transfer system.

   3. Auto flame treatment

   4. Automatic printing system with all servo driven: printing head, mesh frame, rotation, container up/down all driven by servo motors.

   5. Multi sides printing in one process.

   6. Auto UV drying 

   7. Super quick and easy change over from one product to another. 

   8.  All parameters automatic setting simply in touch screen. Product change is 15 minutes only per color.

   9.  Automatic unloading with servo robot.

  10. Safety operation with CE. 

  11. Repeat print to be multi colors. 



  Camera vision system, for cylindrical products without registration point.