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How to clean the glass screen printing machine
Dec 22, 2018

Generally, the method of cleaning screen printer's mesh frame is to gently wipe the mesh frame surface with clean screen cloth after the above washing aid treatment. Here, we should pay attention to that the principle and method of mesh frame cleaning are different in different application scenarios. For example, the cleaning materials used in screen cleaning methods in the circuit industry will be somewhat different, because the raw materials of circuit printing will have a small amount of sodium thiosulfate and a small amount of silver complex, which can be removed by washing the remaining raw materials.

The advantage of this method is to prolong the use time of mesh frame and avoid the fading of film color due to the special changes and chemical reactions of the raw materials left in the mesh frame after use. The commonly used method is to wash, but some industrial products in the printing process can not use the method of washing to remove the screen material, we must use other washing AIDS or sprinklers. When the printing is finished, the layout should be cleaned immediately with the appropriate solvent, and no ink marks should be left, so as to avoid the residual ink drying and blocking the screen, and the loss of step in reprint printing. When printing stops for more than 15 hours, the printing plate should be washed before stopping. Paper or plastic cloth should be used to cover the printing table and place the lithographic plate.

A. Place the plate in the washing trough and gently scrub it. Don't wash it vertically, so as not to affect the tension and loosening of the screen.

B. Color step printing should be produced continuously. In multi-color printing, the interval between top color and next color should not exceed one day, so as to avoid the expansion of the substrate or the vitrification of the ink, which will affect the quality of screen printing.

If the glass screen printer uses metal screen, it can be cleaned with 5-10% glacial acetic acid solution for 5 minutes, then rinse the residual solution with hot water, wipe it with clean brush through gas flame or Bunsen lamp to prepare for the film sticking, but it can not stay on the flame for too long. The metal screen of the glass screen printer needs 10% alkali solution or 20% ammonia solution to remove the grease; the metal screen can also be inserted in one to clean the metal screen. On the same thickness of the frame, sanded with sand cloth soaked with volatile oil or paint dilution solvent, then rinsed with hot water, and finally the template can be attached to the wire mesh.

In the glass screen printer printing, we should ensure the mesh frame cleaning, otherwise it will affect the quality of the printed matter.

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