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  • UV450M Flat/round/Oval UV Dryer

    UV450M Flat/round/Oval UV Dryer

    UV450M Flat/Round/Oval UV Dryer Description: 1. High quality UV system, UV power can be adjusted easily by +0.1 on control panel, 1.5~5kw (UV control system is 6KW). 2. Conveyor speed and the distance between the lamp and substrate can be adjusted. 3. Conical holders...Read More
  • F300 Flame Treatment Machine

    F300 Flame Treatment Machine

    F300 Flame treatment machine Description: 1. The conical holders can be changed or modified according to different substrates. 2. High quality micromotor in the electric controller, conveyor speed is adjusted by stepless motor. 3. Automatic electric ignition, auto gas off...Read More
  • Drying Oven

    Drying Oven

    IR Dryer DS1000 dryer Application: Suitable for higher requirement drying for industrial customers Description: 1. High efficiency glass IR lamps heating system. 2. Air cycling inside the tunnel. 3. Stainless steel body and belt with side reinforcements. 4. Working height of...Read More
  • Exposing Unit

    Exposing Unit

    WED6045S 3 in 1 exposure unit for polymer plate Description: 1. Exposing, washing, drying all in 1 unit 2. Auto washing with special soft brush 3. Auto drying 4. Easy setting, easy operation 5. Installed with washing chemical or water recycle system 6. Imported Philips light...Read More
  • Mesh Streching Machine

    Mesh Streching Machine

    T1215/T1618 Mesh stretching machine Description: 1. Stretcher clamp and frame are made up special aluminum alloy which ensure the machine stable. 2. Self-lock stretcher clamp structure, mesh will not be slipped and loosen with high tension. 3. Solid stretcher framework, when...Read More
  • Cleaning Unit

    Cleaning Unit

    C400/C1200 manual cleaning unit Description: The manual cleaning unit is for cleaning clichés and other accessories before printing. The machines are entirely constructed of stainless steel and use liquid detergent. Pneumatic operation ensures total safety. The liquid...Read More
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